And I think that’s a good thing for the world to know. I see these stank vids of girls/guys just goin’ for each other and I’m like that couldn’t be me. I just watched a vid which I dare not reblog that trash on my page and I mean she got tore up! She didn’t try to swing or nothing, I mean she got her head stomped in and she didn’t do not a dang thing! Now, I’m not a violent person and I haven’t fought since I was a little kid and that fight started in the basement of my old babysitter’s house with me somehow dragging this poor girl up a flight of stairs still fighting her until she ended up upstairs in the bathroom knocked out in the shower w/the shower curtain on top of her! Yeah I wasn’t violent  So I think it’s a reason why God have spared any little woman who would try to step my way because you’re not going to beat up on me and get away with it with all your bones in tact. Yes this is my flesh talking, but this is real life and homie don’t play that! God is still working on me though….

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